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​​Hello, and welcome to my site. I'm Dakota, an author of erotic romance (think 50 Shades of Gray - but better) and paranormal erotica. And what exactly does that mean? Well, since I've always marched to the beat of different drum: it means that  get to take my unique life experiences - like putting around in the garage with my dad, or driving a train when I was ten,  to create worlds where the heroines aren't necessarily June Clever, but are strong independent women who may stand on their own two feet, but long to submit to the right man.  Whether it's two friends who realize there is more than friendship between them or the sexy alien who captures his unwilling slave's heart, sparks fly between them. My imagination has no bounds or at least none I've found yet!

Feel free to look around my site, join my newsletter (I promise no spam) and check out my upcoming appearances - because frankly without you the reader, I wouldn't have this livelihood. I want each and everyone of you to feel welcome.  I'm happy to have you here.

Coming Soon

Book  Two of the Velvet Fist Series
Coming: Spring 2017
Genre: Contemporary/BDSM/Erotic Romance
Series: Velvet Fist
Publisher: Trace Imaginations



Ana De'Luca doesn't know what to do. The life she'd had before giving birth to her daughter, Lucy, has been completely shattered. Instead of welcoming their daughter with open arms, she's struggled with an unfounded jealousy every time her master took their daughter in his arms. Scared that she would harm her child, she submits to psychiatric treatment. But even after she's traveled the road to recovery, she's leery about putting herself back in the same state that triggered the post partum depression to begin with: her submissive state.

Tony De'Luca is at a cross roads in life. While his business is flourishing, and he has the sweetest baby girl on earth, his marriage is falling apart. His wife, Ana, has just been released from the hospital for post partum depression. When he brings her home, he finds the sweet submissive he married is gone. In her place is a brittle woman bent on destroying the very thing that drew them together in the first place. With Valentine's Day around the corner, will he be celebrating their anniversary or divorce papers? Because one thing is certain, he can't live with out his submissive angel. 

New Releases

Book Three of the Doms of Napa Valley
Genre: Contemporary/BDSM/Erotic Romance
Series: Doms of Napa Valley
Publisher: Trace Imaginations

Length: 245 pages
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Single mom, Alyce O'Connell is a desperate woman. With her thesis almost complete on the intricate relationships between dominants and submissives she thinks she’s found a way to better her and daughter’s life - until her adviser won't sign off on it. Dr. Gylberte insists that Alyce needs some actual in 'the field' experience. While she can't believe the woman is going to withhold her approval until Alyce has experienced at least a few weeks in the role of a dominant or submissive, Alyce is willing to do anything to get it - including begging the man at the door of New Beginnings to help her.

Kaleb Terzis loves his life. He not only gets to help kids by running one of the most popular youth art centers in Napa Valley, he also works part time as a Dominant at New Beginnings with several of his friends. He's footloose and free - content to play the field of willing submissives, until a desperate woman comes into the club, all in the name of research. Even as he’s prepared to hand off Alyce to Master Ethan, he changes his mind when Alyce shivers at his touch and turns those needy eyes his way. Attracted to the cool beauty despite her resemblance to his ex wife, he takes her on - determined to prove that under her impersonal demeanor is a woman who needs to submit. 

He just never expects her to turn the tables on him…

LYING: A Secret Baby Novella

Genre: Contemporary/Erotic Romance

Series: None

Publisher: Trace Imaginations
Length: 45 pages



Wilhelmina - Mina to her friends - wants one last fling before she marries the respectable quiet man her parents have convinced her would be the perfect husband. Figuring she needed one night of red hot sex, before she made the trip to the altar and settled down - she allowed herself to be auctioned off at a local sex club. Everything was great – hotter than hell sex with a masked stranger, and multiple orgasms. But when she returns home, her staid fiancĂ© is no longer staid. He wants more than just his ring on her finger – he demands she give all to him, her body, her pleasure and most of all her heart. And he won’t be denied. Just when she thinks things might work out, she misses her period. How the hell is she supposed to marry the man stealing her heart, when she might just be pregnant with another man’s baby?